Production, distribution, utilities, financial services, telecommunications, public administration, education, human resources are just a part of areas of economic, administrative and educational activities which SMART ALLIANCE CLUSTER covers with IT products and services

Mission, Vision and Values

The mission

The mission of Smart Alliance is to create value directly for all the stakeholders – member companies, educational institutions, central and local authorities, through collaboration and for the purpose of increasing their competitive edges in regional (EU) and global competition.

Direct creation of value materializes in SUSTAINABLE GROWTH –incremental results for partners and for the staff by development of Romanian software products and services.

The direct creation of value materializes also in our contribution to the realization of a business environment characterized by RESPONSIBILITY, TRUST, ETHICS and TRANSPARENCY – we make all efforts to gain the trust the others give us as cluster members.

We show personal involvement at company level as well. We build confidence between us and the others by respect of promises, by our involvement in society and by being dedicated to the goal of succeeding together.

The vision

To become a reliable and competitive supplier of innovative IT services, products and organizational support systems

Smart Alliance will be related with:


The values

Care for customers and the community.

We have a high competitive spirit and it shows in the direction of finding win-win solutions both for cluster partners and for cluster members.

We say our point of view and take into consideration the culture and organizational dynamics of our customers.

We are determined to say what we believe in, without half measures.

Why Smart Alliance?

  • Our goal is to help develop and implement strategies to support areas in the public system, institutions, meteorology, physical and natural sciences, energy, aerospace and automotive, internet, financial services, media and data analysis. The vision of the cluster is compatible with this strategy due of philosophy to focus on innovative technologies. It is an area that we can operate effectively together

    Marius Pana
    Marius Pana
  • We would like to work with serious partners for larger projects, which we can challenge together, using different areas of expertise that cannot be covered by only one company. We joined Smart Alliance for the chance to cooperate with such partners and reach a higher level together, doing things that none of us can provide by himself.

    Florian Simionescu
    Florian Simionescu
    Integrisoft Solutions
  • I founded Safetech 4 years ago, along with other two specialists in information security and information technology experts, to provide our customers with the best security solutions to cover all their business needs and to provide them at the same time, flexibility and mobility they need to achieve their goals profitably. Given that we are addressing the same companies, as a cluster member, we can offer our shared clients innovation and technology with high integrated information security services and 24/7 security incident response.

    Victor Gansac
    Victor Gansac
    Safetech Managing Director
  • We want to change people’s lives by creating solutions that transform the way they work. Solutions that free up time for people to focus on the creative aspects of their job instead of menial, repetitive tasks. Together with our partners in the cluster we will develop innovative solutions that will allow us to achieve our ultimate goal: to create software that changes the world.

    Mihai MATEI
    Mihai MATEI
    CEO Essensys Software
  • Looking to the future, competitiveness and complex IT plays an important role for the development of economy, when aligns to this concept be part of an IT cluster becomes normal and fluids. Combining various competences we can cover and provide both our expertise in document management, electronic archiving and development of software products with the experience and expertise of our partner’s members of the Alliance Smart cluster to cover all aspect in providing the best solutions for the market. On the long term, the aim is to promote ICT services by delivering consistent business and this is the natural association implemented  in the light of current events in the Romanian business environment.

    Adrian Barcutean
    Adrian Barcutean
    CEO Infrasoft
  • We decided to join Smart Alliance so that we can combine our skills, experience and abilities with those of the other members, in order to generate synergies that will enable us to sustainably develop in the future and to better satisfy the needs of our customers and business partners.

    Cosmin Macaneata
    Cosmin Macaneata
    Omega Trust
  • Tremend has joined the Smart Alliance cluster with the aim of creating better IT solutions and larger projects using our common synergy. We believe this can only happen when people collaborate, only together we can build great ideas. We hope to develop strong partnerships through this cluster considering the diversity in the members’ backgrounds. One of the main advantages of Smart Alliance is its composition of members with a wide range of expertise.

    Ioan Cocan
    Ioan Cocan
    Managing Partner Tremend Software Consulting
  • If you want to walk fast, walk alone, but if you want to walk far, let’s walk together!!!

    Bogdan Rohan
    Bogdan Rohan

Founding members

Valentin Negroiu



Gabriel Munteanu

Entex Logic


Ionut Comsa

eSolutions Grup

Mihai Matei


Ioan Cocan


Florian Simionescu


Board of Directors Member

Flavius Burca


Cosmin Macaneata

Omega Trust

Board of Directors Member

Victor Gansac


Marius Pana

Spearhead Systems

Innovation & Research Director

George Lazăr

Wing Leading Edge

Victor Dragomirescu

Romanian Software

Elena Unciuleanu

Reporting Center

Olimpiu Balaș

New Business Dimensions

Board of Directors Member

George Tudor

IT Teams

Puiu Dumitru


The story

The founding members have a real passion for the word ”innovate”. Regardless if we talk about systems, software, thinking, way of life or simpler things, their passion for this word is what brought them together. When they realised that they gather almost 100 years’ experience in IT&C industry, creating the biggest cluster of IT companies in Romania was just a step for what is next.

The cluster is based on mutual respect, creativity, solid ethical principles and a desire to innovate your field of expertise. These are core values that you cannot mimic.

These values are strong in each of our founding members and more importantly, they proved that to their selves. Throughout the years fate put them together in the same projects. Working together they saw qualities that later on became their mantra. Their desire to be the change they wanted to see in the world, got them their well-deserved recognition at a national and international scale.

Now, each of them has their own company which is ran by passion for innovative thinking and way of life, creativity and honesty. Practically an extension of their own person. Each company exceled in its field of expertise and wanted to make their mark on what the industry looks like. But on their own and separate, they realised that it couldn’t be possible.

Driven by ambition, fuelled by passion each of them signed the beginning of a new era for the Romanian IT&C industry.

It’s been a great ride so far but that is not enough, as the industry is not even close to its full potential. But this why Smart Alliance was brought to life. The story of Smart Alliance began in 2015. The story of our industry in Romania is just getting written.


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