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About this panel

Our guests alongside with our event moderator, Stelian Muscalu, and our speakers will have the chance to participate actively in a debate where we will tackle one of the most emergent problems that the whole industry of ITC faces with – How do we stop the migration of the Romanian brilliant ITC specialists?

About this panel

Romania needs more high-end technology inserted inside the public administration, but how can we do that?

Eduard Dumitrașcu, President of Asociația Română pentru Smart City și Mobilitate will moderate the debate on how we can help the local and central public administration become more effective through technology and more important – how to do that.

About this panel

The reason why no C-Level person should miss this event is because for the first time he or she will make contact with the solutions our members, leaders in their business area, developed using cutting edge technology.

Banking, security, big data, cloud, are just a few of the areas where members became top of mind companies locally and globally.

About this panel

Cosmin Măcăneață, CEO Omega Trust will moderate this panel and alongside our speakers we will talk about the real impact of the GDPR in foreign and local business companies, how the private and public entities can be compliant and how the new rights the European citizens will influence the whole paradigm inside any organization.

About this panel

This is panel is dedicated to some of the cutting-edge technologies our technological partners developed.

Our guests will discover the latest trends in technological advancement, Smart Alliance Innovation Summit being the only one that  focuses on how technology can help improve the activity of a company.


8:30 - 9:30
Smart Networking Episode 1

Registration & Morning Coffee - (Lobby Rhonda Room)

Gabriel MUNTEANU - Smart Alliance-Innovation Technology Cluster President

State Adviser for Education and Research at the Romanian Presidential Administration

  • George TECUȘAN - Director Liga Studenților Români din Străinătate (LSRS)
  • Grigore ALBEANU - Dean of Faculty of Engineering, IT and Geography, Spiru Haret University
  • Ligia DECA - State Adviser for Education and Research at the Romanian Presidential Administration
  • Marius BOSTAN - Leader of Repatriot Project (Romanian Business Leaders)
  • Sorin MÎNDRUȚESCU - Oracle Romania Country Manager & Central and Eastern Europe Cloud Leader at Oracle
  • Yugo NEUMORNI - President of CIO Council

Moderator - Stelian MUSCALU

Preferred Technology Partner

Adriana GOLOGAN & Laurențiu CIUHAN

  • Eduard DUMITRAȘCU - President of Romanian Association for Smart City and Mobility
  • Florian SIMIONESCU - CEO Integrisoft
  • Liviu STOICA - President of Agency for Digital Agenda of Romania
  • Marian FLOREA - President of Association of Public Administrators in Romania
  • Marian PANAIT - City Manager at Sinaia City Hall
  • Sarolta BENSEYEI - Expert at European Commission & Evaluator of Small & Medium Enterprise (SME)

Moderator - Eduard DUMITRAȘCU

Preferred Technology Partner

Dan GAVOJDEA - Cyber Security Specialist

Romanian Innovation Train - Presentation of Innovative B2B Romanian Solutions

Moderator - Stelian MUSCALU

Preferred Technology Partner

Nick CAMILLERI - Managing Director at Avantech

  • Beatrice ONICA-JARKA - Partner at Civil Lawyer Society Cunescu, Balaciu and Asociații
  • Cosmin MĂCĂNEAȚĂ - Managing Partner at Omega Trust
  • Florin MARINACHE - Sales Director at Romsym Data
  • Sorin MIERLEA - President at InfoCons

Moderator - Cosmin MĂCĂNEAȚĂ

Preferred Technology Partner

Cătălin CRIVINEANU - Partner Account Manager

what people say

We want to change people’s lives by creating solutions that transform the way they work. Solutions that free up time for people to focus on the creative aspects of their job instead of menial, repetitive tasks. Together with our partners in the cluster we will develop innovative solutions that will allow us to achieve our ultimate goal: to create software that changes the world.
Mihai MATEIEssensys Software
Tremend has joined the Smart Alliance cluster with the aim of creating better IT solutions and larger projects using our common synergy. We believe this can only happen when people collaborate, only together we can build great ideas. We hope to develop strong partnerships through this cluster considering the diversity in the members’ backgrounds. One of the main advantages of Smart Alliance is its composition of members with a wide range of expertise.
Ioan COCANTremend
We decided to join Smart Alliance so that we can combine our skills, experience and abilities with those of the other members, in order to generate synergies that will enable us to sustainably develop in the future and to better satisfy the needs of our customers and business partners.
Cosmin MĂCĂNEAȚĂOmega Trust

Civil Society Partners

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  • Intercontinental, Nicolae Bălcescu 4, Bucharest
  • Corina Pista – 0748 505 008
  • 9:00-16:00