Dr. Beatrice Onica Jarka partener at Cunescu, Balaciu & Asociații

Dr. Beatrice Onica Jarka has been dedicating herself with high professionalism in lawyering to business clients local or from all over the world. She is very experienced in providing consultancy in different fields of business and public law, equally advising clients in different transactions with values over 200 milions Euros and representing them in dispute resolution in arbitration or courts.

Dr. Beatrice Onica Jarka is powerfully equiped for providing guidance and consultancy  in GDPR, as a field of law combining business law elements on tehchnoloy  from a  human rights perspective, as she, as an associate university professor,  has been teaching and writting for the law students and practioners in the fields of International Public Law, Human Rights and European Union Business Law for more than 20 years.

Last but not least Dr Beatrice Onica Jarka had been acted as an arbitrator for domain name disputes for the most important services providers of domain name dispute resolution as are WIPO ( , ADR Forum (  or Czech Court of International Commercial Arbitration and has been appointed also from this year as the Vice President of the Bucharest Ilfov Court of Arbitration –


Dr. Beatrice Onica Jarka coordinates the Cunescu, Balaciu & Asociatii GDPR practice department which is ready to face the challanges of  the implementation of GDPR  for the actors involved in the Romanian market.

Cunescu, Balaciu & Asociatii is a full services business law firm with a long tradition and recognition from business clients all over the world with a team of enthusiastic and experienced lawyers, which are proud to partnership Smart Alliance in promoting integrated solutions for GDPR envisaged compliance.