Manager General – Integrisoft Solutions

Integrisoft Solutions is the creator of Avansis – an integrated software system used in over 200 small and medium public institutions by over 4,000 users.

“We have over 200 clients that are keep coming back. What Integrisoft creates in this moment is software for the public administration and we are the best. Right now we can cover over 80% of everything that happens in a city hall, every software instrument that can be used. We can cover a very high grade of needs, in an integrated system, that ties everything together, helps departments to connect and use information between them. This was the vision when we started and everything we build is catalyzed by this. The whole architecture on which we develop is made so that we can keep this road and it begins to show. After lots of years of hard work, this objective, this ideal, is becoming more and more real. We can cover a big deal of software and we are building it to be integrated with others. From the budget elaboration, to releasing certificates, records, to step validation, if you have all the papers needed etc. Everything that a city hall does to be more precise.”