President of Association of Public Administrators in Romania

The Association of Public Administrators in Romania (AAPRO) was set up in 2010, as means to carry out sustainable activities following the implementation of the project “Public administrator – success factor for an efficient management at local level” carry out by the Central Unit for Public Administration Reform, a structure within the Romanian Ministry of Administration and Interior.

So far AAPRO organized several events, seminars and courses for its members on human resources, accessing EU funding, project management, sustainable development, equal opportunities, strategic planning and on the role of public administrators in the public administration’s reform.

AAPRO objective in the following period is to take the necessary steps in order to assign a national relevant, elite and professions Body of Public Administrators in order to have a clear image on the background data of the profession and become accountable for their professional conduct and development.At the beginning of November 2012, the Association of Public Administrators had had its second general assembly meeting confirming its leadership team, asses its activity and plan for new activities. The initiative to introduce the local public administrator position at local level in Romania targets an increse in the professional working of local public administration at the level of counties, municipalities, towns and communes.

The public administrator can be hired at the proposal of the mayor or the president of the local county council, with the aproval of the local/ county council. The public administrator’s responsibilities are to coordinate the technical aparatus of the public administration and the public services of local/ county interest that are delegated based on a management contract.