Nick Camilleri

Managing Director at Avantech

Nick Camilleri is managing director of Avantech, a long-time Canon partner with a long history of hardware and software solutions provision.

Nick started his career in software development in 1987, building automation systems for textile factories that encompassed the entire manufacturing process workflow and controlled every station on the shop floor.  At the same time Avantech was growing Canon’s influence in the markets in which they operate and helping to create a premier brand reputation.

Today Avantech’s software solutions division has grown to provide complete software solutions in all aspects of financial services: banking, insurance, portfolio & fund management and foreign exchange. The past five years has also seen very intense growth in the provision of Document Management Systems (DMS) and services with Therefore™, a Canon-owned DMS that scales to fit clients’ requirements as they change. This high-growth area of business went on to help spawn another Avantech product – ScanStation.

The Avantech ScanStation is a solution that enables users to scan and capture data from documents while performing complex data confirmation queries and other tasks, in a manner that requires no prior training whatsoever. The software incorporates Canon’s world-leading IRIS OCR engine as standard and includes intelligent functions and features normally found only in high-end professional capture solutions as used by scanning bureaux.